2022 Kitchen Trends—Which Ones Fit Your Style?

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One of the most remodeled rooms in houses is the kitchen. As we see a move away from the all-white, pristine kitchens of the past, here’s what kitchen trends you can expect to see over the next year. 

Fun and Playful Colors – All-white kitchens take a lot of upkeep and may feel cold, so homeowners are taking more colors into the kitchen. If you prefer a clean, monochromatic look, light neutrals, such as tan, beige, and taupe, are more popular. But homeowners are injecting more dramatic colors in their kitchens. Rich, bold colors like burgundy wine or deep navy are finding their place in modern kitchens. Don’t be afraid to play with your favorite hues when you’re ready to make a change in your kitchen. 

Natural Wood Cabinetry  – The rustic look was popular in the 1960s and 1970s, when kitchen cabinets were almost always made of solid wood and typically were custom-built. We’re seeing more kitchens use natural wood to bring warmth into your kitchen design. Open cabinets are another trend in kitchen cabinetry that is popular in today’s kitchens. Show off your beautiful dinnerware with a unique and functional design. Take a worthwhile risk with the shape of your cabinetry by introducing more dimensions and shapes to your design. 

Details with Character  – Instead of using the same utilitarian designs found everywhere, designers are using different materials to create bespoke kitchens that are stylish and beautiful. The range hood is becoming a statement piece made of natural stone or tile that adds character to your room. Designers are incorporating the stone used in countertops in other areas in the kitchen for cohesion and elegance. 

Vintage Styles and Furniture  – Retro styles of the past are coming into kitchens. The bright, bold colors of the 1950s kitchen are being seen in backsplash design. Vintage furniture is making its way into the kitchen. Old farm tables make great islands for rooms that may not have enough room to build a new island. Shaker cabinets have been popular and will continue to be in modern kitchens. 

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