Ideas and Inspiration for an Awesome Outdoor Cook Space

For many of us, an outdoor kitchen may allow flipping burgers on the barbecue while spending time in the backyard. However, if the size of your yard permits, there can be more to it than just a grill. Imagine some of these scenarios:

  • A roast set on the grill, while you play with your kids in the yard, or indulge your pet in a game of fetch.
  • A rack of ribs slow-cooking in your smoker, while you take a short nap on your reclining deck chair or couch.
  • A bird browning in your outdoor rotisserie, while you mow your lawn or share a few beers with friends.
  • A meat or veggie loaded pizza baking in your rustic outdoor pizza oven, while you and your loved ones sip a glass or two of wine.

Have you considered extending your living, dining and entertaining space into your backyard by building a fabulous outdoor kitchen? The custom kitchen experts at Bucks County Cabinetry & Design offer some ideas and inspiration for stunning outdoor cook spaces.

Tips for Building a Functional and Attractive Outdoor Kitchen

While some may see an outdoor kitchen as heightened luxury, others may look like it as an absolute must-have. No matter which side you are on, it is always possible to expand your outdoor kitchen into more than just a grill. Based on your cooking habits, family lifestyle, preferences, yard space, and budget, here are some aspects to consider:

  • Thoughtful Layout: Similar to indoor kitchens, layout is one of the most important aspects of your outdoor kitchen. L-shaped layouts are popular for outdoor kitchens since they lend a sense of space and division between cooking and prepping. While placing appliances, be mindful of 
    • Wind direction and sun and shade spots since there will be no walls, doors or windows
    • Hot and cold zones. For example, try not to place a refrigerator unit right next to the grill.
  • Choice of Appliances: Decide on the type of appliances that you would like built into your outdoor kitchen. It’s all a matter of what your family loves to cook or eat. Besides the grill and a small built-in refrigerator, you can add a smoker, a flattop (Hibachi style) grill, a power burner, a pizza oven, a deep fryer, an icemaker, a built-in Kegerator (for draft beer on tap), and even a soda fountain. 
  • Surface and Storage: From stainless steel and concrete, to natural stone and butcher blocks, there are many surface options for outdoor kitchens. Choose your countertops wisely and plan appropriate storage for the basic cooking utensils and serving ware. You can also plan specific storage solutions for the cooking tools, larger pots and pans, skewer sticks, cutting boards, plates and napkins, and other accessories.
  • Useful Amenities: In addition to the layout, appliances and storage, pay attention to the amenities. A sink, a warming drawer, and a trash receptacle can make your outdoor cooking easy and enjoyable. Address other aspects, such as weatherproof lighting and seating, as well as heating options (a gas heater or fireplace) based on your family’s needs and preferences.

Work with Bucks County Experts for a Stunning Outdoor Kitchen 

Thinking about investing in a fantastic outdoor cook space to enhance your lifestyle and living spaces? The expert kitchen remodelers at Bucks County Cabinetry & Designs can bring your dream outdoor kitchen to life. From practical layouts and surfaces, to upscale appliances and amenities, we can build a custom outdoor kitchen tailored to your exact needs and specifications. Our innovative designers and master craftsmen will work with you every step of the way to create a beautiful and functional outdoor cook space of your dreams.

Call 215-489-0851 to discuss your outdoor kitchen vision or renovation goals with the experienced custom cabinetry and kitchen remodeling professionals at Bucks County Cabinetry & Design. You can also contact us online to schedule a consultation.

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