Make Your Compact Kitchen Attractive yet Practical 

There are so many aspects that are involved in a kitchen redesign. A practical layout and prep space, adequate storage and cabinetry, convenient placement of large and small appliances, there are various things to consider. While a spacious kitchen offers several possibilities, a small, compact kitchen requires smart ideas and creative, space-maximizing solutions. The kitchen remodeling experts at Bucks County Cabinetry & Design offer suggestions on renovating a compact kitchen, without compromising on practicality or style. 

Top Ideas for a Functional, Stylish Small Kitchen

While redesigning your kitchen, it is important to ensure that your space caters to the cooking habits and lifestyle needs of the entire family. Since compact kitchens may present space-related challenges, here are some ideas to maximize your square footage, and make your small kitchen sizzle!

  • Choose Multi-Function over Multi-Purpose: A small kitchen may not be the best place for a variety of activities, such as kids’ schoolwork and hobbies, entertaining guests, folding laundry, and so on. Instead, focus on making your meal prep and cooking easy and practical. Ensure that your kitchen accommodates the appliances, cooking tools and work areas that you need on an everyday basis. Opt for compact appliances, a small-scale island, or a movable cart that you can roll away when not in use.  
  • Open it Up: Wherever possible and if it fits within your budget, consider opening up a kitchen by eliminating a wall or two. An open-concept layout will allow you to cleverly extend your compact kitchen into an adjoining dining or living space, without having to compromise style and function.
  • Avoid Boxy and Bulky Storage: Overhead and closed door cabinetry tends to overpower a tiny kitchen and make it feel cramped. Go light on the boxy, closed storage by choosing open shelving arrangements, attractive racks and hooks, magnetic knife and spice holders, and other such solutions. 
  • Use Glass or Mirrors Generously: One of the simplest ways to create an illusion of space is to add glass or mirrors. Incorporate glass into cabinetry doors, tiles, or even your countertop. Think about a reflective mirror-like backsplash or add mirrors at strategic spots to lighten and brighten the room.
  • Choose Clever Lighting Solutions: Like any space, your compact kitchen needs the right combination of task lighting and ambient lighting solutions. Consider brightening up your kitchen with under-cabinet lighting, base cabinet toe-plate lighting, and other wall or ceiling fixtures that make your chores easier.

Bespoke Solutions for Compact Kitchens by Experienced Buck County Remodelers

At Bucks County Cabinetry & Designs, we build custom cabinetry for every type of kitchen. Whether you have a sprawling kitchen or a compact one, our experts can help you with innovative cabinetry designs and tailor-made storage solutions that maximize the available space. We have the skills and experience in handcrafting complete specialty kitchens, including cabinets, countertops, hardware, backsplash and more. We also offer high quality architectural millwork, customized to your kitchen size, style, and budget. When you hire us, expect nothing less than exceptional designs, superior craftsmanship, and consistent customer service.

Redesign your compact kitchen into a convenient, practical, and attractive space with the help of the experienced team at Bucks County Cabinetry & Design. Call 215-489-0851 or contact us online to schedule a consultation. 

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