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Enjoying meals, hosting guests, or engaging in the usual family banter, your kitchen is most likely the ‘activity central’ for your home. Since you spend several hours a day here, it is important to ensure that your cook space is bright, airy, and cheerful. However, this does not mean that you have to consider a complete overhaul or an expensive and tedious kitchen makeover. There are plenty of options to give your cook space a subtle boost. From painting the walls and cabinets, to replacing the hardware, or upgrading the appliances, you can focus on one aspect at a time to make it simple and affordable. 

One such solution to redesign your kitchen is to shine the spotlight on the spaces that matter. Simply put, focus on all the lighting aspects, and brighten up each work area to make it look good, and function better. The creative experts at Bucks County Cabinetry & Design explain the different types of lighting solutions, and offer creative ideas to light up the heart of your home. 

Lights and Light Fixtures that will Transform Your Kitchen

A small change like upgrading your lights and lighting fixtures can make a big impact in the look and functionality of your kitchen. The type and placement of lights may depend on factors, such as, availability of natural light, current electrical wiring and kitchen décor, and your lighting needs and preferences. 

Choose from a number of different types of lighting:

  • Architectural Lighting: Architectural lights that bounce off the walls or ceiling usually tend to minimize shadows and glare, creating a soft, ambient lighting effect.  
    • To bounce off light towards the upper part of the wall, use cove lighting by fitting the bulbs in a shelf, ledge, or recess near the ceiling. 
    • To achieve the opposite effect and illuminate the lower part of your walls, go for soffit lighting, by fixing the bulb in a cornice near the ceiling. 
    • For radiating light in both directions, consider adding a wood, glass, or metal valence high on the wall, or above a window. 
  • Track Lighting: This type of lighting can help you illuminate a specific work area, or create an accent lighting effect. Suspend a linear housing track from the ceiling, position several bulbs along the track, and adjust the heads to modify the direction as per your requirement.
  • Integrated Lighting: This is an excellent option to maximize brightness during certain tasks. Consider installing lights under the shelves or cabinets, using a single fixture, or multiple, energy-efficient LED lights. This will increase visibility and brightness, where you need it the most. In fact, you could also add motion sensor-based, or mood-based LED lights to simply accentuate certain areas of your kitchen. 
  • Pendant Lights and Chandeliers: Since they radiate light downwards, hang pendant lights directly on top of your dining table or the kitchen island. With an enormous choice of colors, materials, and finishes, pendant lights are a great option to enhance the decorative elements of your cook space. For a glamorous addition to the kitchen, go for chandeliers. They suspend from the ceiling, and radiate light upwards, lending a dramatic ambience to your space. 

Here are a few ideas for selecting light fixtures:

  • For a modern touch, select white pendant lights, accented with gold or rose gold, or a statement chandelier to hang over the island or prep area.
  • In a cool white, contemporary kitchen, you need something sleek and subtle. Go for a couple of large glass orb pendants, or use smaller, long-drop ones that make enough of a statement, but are not overpowering.
  • If your kitchen features a minimalist décor with clean, simple lines, use a basic ceiling light, with an elegant glass shade that conceals the bulb.
  • Some extra light will be a welcome addition while doing the dishes. Look for a unique, yet fun fixture to hang above your sink. 
  • For a large kitchen, with a separate breakfast nook, find a patterned or colorful shade, or fixture with cutouts. They add texture and a cool vibe to your space, not only when lit, but also during the daytime.
  • Want something bright and powerful for added convenience and function? Hang a couple of large, heavy-duty pendant lights in bold colors, that make a statement.

Fabulous Kitchen Makeovers by Experienced Bucks County Remodelers 

At Bucks County Cabinetry & Designs, we offer the complete suite of kitchen renovation services. From custom cabinetry, backsplash, and flooring or countertop replacements, to upgrades in appliances, hardware or lighting fixtures, we deliver on all aspects of kitchen remodeling. Whether you need a simple refresh or an elaborate makeover, our innovative designers and experienced crew will help you transform your kitchen to meet your requirements and budget.

Ready to illuminate the heart of your home with stunning lights and light fixtures? Hire Bucks County Cabinetry & Design for creative design assistance and professional installation. Call 215-489-0851 or contact us online to book a consultation.

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