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Today’s wine cellars aren’t relegated to the basement of your home. Homeowners are building wine cellars under the stairs, in alcoves, in closets, or even in the dining room. As with any renovation, you have to think about your goals and lifestyle when designing a wine cellar in your home. Here are some things to think about. 

How Do You Drink/Serve Wine? 

Consider how much space you’ll need to store your wine collection. If you drink 3 to 4 bottles of wine each week, that’s almost 200 bottles a year. If you want to keep bottles on hand as a long-term investment, you should plan accordingly. You should also consider whether you want to just store your wine or host parties within the space as well.

Location, Location, Location  

The ideal wine storage avoids heat, direct light, and vibration. Consider ways to build in environmental controls, so you can control the temperature and humidity. Basements are an ideal location because they are generally cooler year-round. When thinking about a wine collection, you should also consider the structure of your home. The average bottle of wine weighs about three pounds. A large collection of 500 bottles weighs about 1500 pounds, or the equivalent of a Holstein cow! The place you choose needs to be able to handle that weight. 

Innovative Wine Racks 

Wine is stored on its side to prevent the cork from drying out. It’s also good to store more bottles on their side so you are able to see the labels. If you’re making an investment in wines that you want to age, it’s important to make sure you have the right storage facility. Wooden wine racks are iconic, but for a more modern look, you may want to choose metal wine racks that can make a statement. 

Home Wine Storage Ideas for Small Spaces 

A wine cellar can be a selling point for your home, adding value when it’s well-constructed. If you only have a small space to build a wine cellar, custom cabinetry is the way to go. Take a small nook in your home and design a wine cellar that fits the space. Wine drawers can fit right into your kitchen to store up to 12 bottles. We have designed floor to ceiling wine racks and hanging wine racks in smaller spaces, as well as full wine cellars with room for entertaining. 

Contact us to discuss your wine collection and how you’d like to entertain in your home. We’ll work with you to build a beautiful storage space for your wine. 

Need to add style and luxury to your home with elegant features like a wine cellar? Partner with the experts at Bucks County Cabinetry & Design. Call 215-489-0851 or contact us online  to schedule a consultation.

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