Don’t Forget to Include These Built-Ins in Your Closet

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Custom built-ins transform your home into a showpiece with more storage capabilities. If you’re considering designing a new walk-in closet for your home, you may be imagining drawers and space to hang up clothes. Modern built-ins can include many items that once were thought to be luxuries. Bucks County Cabinetry offers custom built-ins throughout your home. Consider these add-ons that can increase functionality and design in your space. 

Built-In Shoe Organizers – Marilyn Monroe said, “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world!” It’s been estimated that the average person owns about 20 pairs of shoes. Keeping those shoes organized extends their lifespan and makes sure you can always find the right pair for your outfit. Shoe organizers are in high demand in custom closets. 

Mirrors and Lights – Getting ready in your new closet space will be a breeze when you can see what you’re doing and how you look. Include custom lighting in your built-in so you’re not getting dressed in the dark. Shelf lighting can help you match outfits and find the right accessories. LED lighting offers many solutions to lighting in the closet without taxing your utility bill. 

Built-In Hamper – Everyone wants somewhere to hang up clothes and store wardrobe accessories, but we often forget about the laundry. Your custom built-ins can include space for a hamper, which hides your laundry until you’re ready to deal with it. If you can find space for two compartments, you can pre-sort your laundry, making the chore even easier. You won’t be disappointed with a built-in hamper as part of your custom built-in

Security Features – Thieves know that the master bedroom is one of the most popular places to hide valuables. It’s worth thinking about adding locks to some of the drawers in your built-in, or maybe even a safe. There are many different types of locks that can be included in your design, some visible and some not so obvious. 

Bucks County Cabinetry & Design Specializes in Custom Built-Ins 

Custom built-ins add organization to your home, making it more efficient for your busy lifestyle. The accessories you add to your built-ins give you even more options for functionality and style. Bucks County Cabinetry & Design can help you design built-ins to increase the value of your home and to help you live with more organization.  

Ready to discuss custom built-ins in your bedroom, living room, or laundry room? Contact us online  to schedule a consultation.

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