Learn More about Different Types of Ceiling Styles 

While most of us focus on the walls and floorings during home renovations, ceilings have a huge role to play in the look of the home. Their shape, height, style, and color can potentially elevate the appeal and mood of the entire space. In fact, some of the most incredible ceiling treatments are the result of creative millwork and architecture details that bring out the charm and character of your home. 

The experienced professionals at Bucks County Cabinetry & Design elaborate on the different types of ceiling styles to help you decide what works best for your home.

Ceiling Styles that Elevate the Look of Your Home

Whether you are remodeling your home, building a custom home, or house hunting for your dream home, learn how ceiling styles can set the tone of your spaces by:

  • Creating a sense of space
  • Adding appeal to the overall look
  • Increasing the resale value of your home

While choosing ceiling styles, pay attention to your home’s overall architectural style, as well as the height of the specific rooms where you are redoing the ceiling. Here are some of the most gorgeous ceiling styles that can maximize the potential of your spaces and elevate the look of your home: 

  • Vaulted Ceiling: Featuring a higher central arch that draws your attention upwards, vaulted ceilings are essentially an umbrella term for any elevated ceiling. The central arches are made of wooden scaffolding and finished with different types of materials, such as tile, wood planks, or drywall. While the cathedral style consists of equal sloping sides with a higher central point, the barrel vault style consists of a single curved arch that runs the entire length of the room. Several other vaulted styles, such as groin vault, cloister vault, or domed vault feature different shapes, while retaining the all-essential higher arch. Vaulted ceilings are ideal for large homes with grand foyers or living rooms with reasonably tall ceilings.
  • Cove Ceiling: You can build cove ceilings in many different patterns and designs. Essentially the concept is a ceiling that elevates towards the center in a gradual manner or through a steep rise. Depending on the patterns, coved ceilings can be suitable for various rooms in your home, including the bathroom, an attic corner, or a charming nook under the stairs. 
  • Beamed Ceiling: Nothing evokes warmth and character better than visible, decorative timber beams on the ceiling. Although characteristic to cabins and chalets, beamed ceilings make for an excellent addition to modern homes that are looking to embrace some rustic charm. You can install them on flat ceilings, as well as vaulted ones, and even play around with custom designs based on your budget and preferences. If installing natural wood is too tedious on your home’s roof structure, or too heavy on your wallet, it is possible to create the look of beamed ceilings with other materials, such as fiberglass, or polyurethane.
  • Tray Ceiling: With a raised central inset that is about a foot taller than the rest of the ceiling, tray ceilings can make your rooms look spacious, while also adding an element of architectural interest to the home’s interiors.
  • Coffered Ceiling: Featuring three dimensional beams of varied heights and width or grooved wood, coffered ceilings can add depth and drama to any space. The geometric pattern and multiple recessed areas give your room a regal, yet understated appearance. Coffered ceilings are best suited to rooms that are a minimum of nine feet tall. Construction of this ceiling style requires expert carpentry skills, making this a slightly expensive ceiling style.
  • Specialty Moldings: Elaborate decorative moldings can transform standard flat ceilings into something entirely different and beautiful. Whether you wish to bring in a touch of history from the Victorian or Neoclassical periods, marry the traditional and modern elements, or create a completely contemporary, luxurious look, the choice is yours. Specialty moldings are a fantastic and versatile option for giving your dull or uninteresting ceilings a complete makeover.

Get Top-Notch Ceiling Treatments and Custom Millwork from Experienced Bucks County Remodelers 

Thoughtfully designed and well-planned homes do not underestimate the power of decorating the ceiling. Are you ready to add character, glamor, warmth, or elegance by giving your ceiling a truly special makeover? 

At Bucks County Cabinetry & Designs, we offer quality architectural millwork based on your unique requirements and budget. From coffered, molded, and beamed ceilings, to vaulted, coved, or shed ceilings, our talented team provides full ceiling treatments that will truly transform the value and appeal of your home. We have the experience and expertise in crafting beautiful masterpieces with intricate designs and personalized architectural details that set the tone for every room in your home. Creative designs, master craftsmanship, and superior customer service are at the core of all our work.

For stunning ceiling treatments with impeccable architectural millwork, hire the professionals at Bucks County Cabinetry & Design. Contact us online or call 215-489-0851 to book a consultation.

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