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Custom built-ins enhance your home while adding value in storage and beauty. Although many homeowners tend to think of custom cabinetry only for kitchens or bathrooms, custom built-ins are being used in more rooms to add functionality and elegance.  

Spend Time Thinking About Your Goals – Before you build any custom cabinets in your home, take some time to really think about your needs, wants, and goals for your home. What are you trying to store or show off? Are you planning on staying in your home or selling in the near future? Where do you have unused space in your home? Answering these questions can help you determine which built-ins fit your needs or make sense as part of your real estate goals. Fact: Built-ins can add resale value if they are truly functional. 

Think Beyond Shelving and Cabinets  – Built-ins are an investment in your home. Modern homeowners want storage capability to maintain a clutter-free home. While bookshelves and cabinetry are the most popular built-ins, you can also use built-ins to create a beautiful display for your wine collection or to get extra seating. Built-ins can be installed in your laundry room, bedroom closets, and in unexpected spaces, such as a staircase or around window frames. We can install custom built-ins in your kitchen and bathroom, too. 

Include Modern Features – By installing lighting and electrical features around your built-ins, you can add more functionality to your home. Outlets near your bench seating lets your kids plug in and recharge. Recessed LED lighting can make the space appear more open and bright. Your built-in entertainment center needs outlets to make plugging in TVs and other electronics. Think beyond the built-in for the best use of the space. 

Use Virtual Software to See the Room – Designers today have many tools that can help you gain a sense of how the built-in will work in your space. You can use painter’s tape to mark out the built-in as one way to see how much space will be used, or you can ask your design team to use design software to give you a simulated visual experience. 

Get the Most Out of Your Built-Ins with Professional Installation 

Bucks County Cabinetry & Design has decades of experience in custom cabinetry. Our design team can help you find solutions that fit your needs. Our craftsmen are experienced in residential and commercial remodeling. Contact us to discuss custom built-ins and how they can add more functionality and space to your home. 

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