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Limited space in the bathroom can make your morning routine uncomfortable and busier than it needs to be. Small bathrooms often cause homeowners stress – you may feel like you need to make major renovations to the home to get the bathroom you really want. Instead of tearing down walls to make more room in a small bathroom, take advantage of storage and styling solutions that can make your bathroom feel and look bigger. 

Bathroom Fixtures – The vanity, toilet, and sink take up a lot of room in any bathroom. Small bathrooms can take advantage of modern fixtures designed to fit in smaller spaces. A wall-mounted vanity will take up less floor space, giving the illusion of a larger room. Pedestal sinks are another compact option that work in smaller spaces. 

Custom Cabinets – Custom cabinetry is built to the size of your bathroom instead of making your bathroom fit the size of pre-made cabinets. Installing custom cabinets in your bathroom gives you a way to maximize the storage space. It also gives you unlimited color and design options. Your cabinets can complement any style. By making sure each piece in your bathroom has a purpose, you won’t waste space. 

Added Lighting  – If there’s one thing that makes any room more appealing, it’s lighting. In smaller bathrooms, light makes the space feel larger and thereby, more inviting. A skylight is a great way to increase natural lighting while maintaining privacy. Use LED lights around the mirror or install wall sconces to increase lighting in the bathroom. 

Update the Style of the Bathroom  – If your bathroom is in good working condition but feels outdated, you may not need a full remodel to get the look you want. Remove wallpaper and put a new coat of paint on the walls. Updating the tile pattern can give your shower a new look. Using a glass enclosure for the shower gives the illusion of more space.  Adding mirrors to the bathroom is another idea that makes the room feel larger without having to break down walls to actually create more space. 

Think Vertical  – Your small bathroom may not have much floor space, but it does have vertical space on the walls. Use floating shelves or hooks to increase space. If you can’t find a vanity that works, add a ledge over the sink to hold items without taking up valuable floor space. Create alcoves or cubbyholes within the walls to give your family places to store things. Compact but trendy medicine cabinets on the wall can offer a place for everything and fit everything in its place!  

Find solutions for your small bathroom while staying within your budget. Contact us to discuss your ideas to transform your small bathroom into a room that fits your needs and lifestyle.

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