The Art of Wainscoting: Should You Consider it for Your Home?

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A form of ornamental or decorative wall paneling that originated in the 16th century, wainscoting is a type of millwork that can greatly enhance the beauty and appeal of your home. Whether it is a rustic farmhouse, a stately mansion, a charming bungalow, or an ultra-modern apartment, wainscoting fits in well with in any type of home and décor. It can be created with a variety of materials. 

The renovation experts at Bucks County Cabinetry & Design are happy to share information about the art of wainscoting, its origin and history, and how it adds value to your home. 

A Guide to Wainscoting and its Benefits

The Origin of Wainscoting: A paneling that covers the lower portion of your interior walls or partitions, traditional wainscoting used oak wood and dates back to the Early Renaissance era. Interestingly, the art of wainscoting does not actually have any connection with the village named Wainscott in Kent, UK. In fact, the word may have most likely originated from the German word ‘wagenschot’, which means ‘partition’. In 16th century UK homes, wainscoting served the purpose of keeping cold and dampness out in the absence of the modern insulation techniques that we know today.

Wainscoting Materials: While originally designed using oak wood in order to provide an added layer of safety and durability to the home’s walls, today, wainscoting has become more decorative in nature and improves the aesthetic appeal of a space. Generally, the wainscoting panels run about 3-feet high for a space with 9-feet tall ceilings.

Each wainscoting design includes options for different types of: 

  • Panels (if they are made from wood) – raised, flat, overlay, Bead board, and Board and Batten
  • Materials – Wood, Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), glass, metal, and ceramic tiles
  • Other Design Elements – Moldings, rails, stiles, and more

While the contemporary styles take on a clean, simple profile, traditional versions are more elaborate, with beading or intricately carved designs. Just like other forms of custom millwork, wainscoting is a relatively inexpensive way of adding an old-world charm, a heritage look, or even a modern aesthetic based on the materials you choose.

Wainscoting Benefits: Over the years, there have been many changes in architectural styles, yet wainscoting has survived the test of time. Even today, it adds an element of class and desirability in the eyes of homeowners, as well as potential buyers. You can give your home an elegant, rich look, by adding wainscoting to your living, dining, entertainment spaces, as well as stairs, hallways, bedrooms and bathrooms. 

Stunning Architectural Millwork by Experienced Bucks County Remodelers

At Bucks County Cabinetry & Design, we specialize in high quality architectural millwork to create extraordinary spaces within your budget. In addition to wainscot paneling, we offer attractive, intricately carved designs for crown moldings, corbels, baseboards, and more. Our skilled and experienced teams deliver creative designs and beautiful workmanship, adding value, sophistication, and appeal to your home. We also offer custom cabinetry and built-ins for all types of spaces. 

For impeccable, handcrafted wainscot paneling or other architectural millwork, count on the talented team at Bucks County Cabinetry & Design. Call 215-489-0851 or schedule a consultation online. 

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