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Remodeling a kitchen is one of the most important home improvement projects for any family. Whether it is prepping and cooking, watching over the kids’ homework, sharing daily banter with your loved ones, or entertaining guests, your kitchen becomes the hub of most activities. It is no surprise then that there may be endless debates before renovating the heart of your home. From the layout, cabinetry design, and storage solutions, to the backsplash, hardware, and light fixtures, every member of the household may have different ideas related to the kitchen design and remodel. 

At Bucks County Cabinetry & Design, we understand that redesigning the kitchen is an emotional journey for most families and requires careful consideration. A common struggle that we have seen is clients debating among themselves whether they want an all-white kitchen. To some it spells timeless elegance, to others it may appear cold and clinical. While the design elements may depend on your personal preferences, our kitchen makeover specialists offer some insights on the pros and cons of a white kitchen.

Key Aspects to Consider for a White Kitchen 

Here are some of the pros of a white kitchen:

  • Visual Appeal: White kitchens have a charm of their own. With the right design and layout, an all-white kitchen will exude a timeless appeal. While today’s trendy sage greens and navy blues may look outdated after a few years, white will outlast all popular trends.
  • Versatility: White kitchen cabinets can blend into any style of home and any interior décor theme. Whether its industrial and modern, or country and rustic, you will never have a problem in accessorizing your white kitchen.
  • Illusion of Space: Compact kitchens or kitchens that lack a natural light source may appear smaller with dark colored cabinetry. No matter what the size of your kitchen, white tends to reflect light, brighten up the kitchen, and make your space look larger. 
  • Appreciation in Home Value: 38% millennials prefer white cabinets due to the appeal and versatility of white cabinetry. If you see yourself selling your home in the near future, an all-white kitchen will be one way to increase your home value and attract more potential buyers.

Here are a few cons of going all-white for your kitchen:

  • High Maintenance: Since white cabinetry is more prone to visible stains, smudges, and spills, keeping it clean is no easy task. Scratches, dings, and dents from normal wear and tear, or discoloration due to long term sun exposure will also be more noticeable. While a glossy white laminate may be slightly easier to wipe down, white wooden doors may need a fair bit of elbow grease to keep them looking neat and tidy.
  • Stark Look: Depending on your choice of fixtures and fittings, a white kitchen can look charming and inviting, or cold and clinical. A stark white kitchen may have a clinical, utilitarian feel instead of serving as a warm and inviting hub of the home.
  • Too Many Options: While white is popular due to its multitude of hues, the innumerable shades of white can actually pose a problem. What may look bright in a catalogue may appear too dull, yellowish, or creamy in reality, or may exude a different hue than what you are after. Similarly, a pearly sheen may not appear as sparkly as you imagined, while a glossy finish could make the cabinetry look too shiny. With white kitchens, you need to select an experienced kitchen remodeling contractor, who perfectly understands your vision and guides you in the right direction during selection of materials and finishes.

Beautiful Kitchen Makeovers Call for a Holistic Approach

At Bucks County Cabinetry & Design, we specialize in designing and delivering custom kitchens for every type of lifestyle and budget.  Our experienced designers understand your requirements and draw up attractive and functional plans, while our master craftsmen execute these designs to perfection. From handcrafted specialty kitchens, to refresh jobs, such as backsplash upgrade, cabinetry fitting, or countertop changes, we can help you with all aspects of a kitchen makeover. Our bespoke solutions include innovative cabinetry designs, tailor-made storage solutions, and high quality architectural millwork.

Still dealing with the white kitchen conundrum or have questions about maximizing your kitchen renovation budget? Speak to the experts at Bucks County Cabinetry & Design. Call 215-489-0851 or contact us online to schedule a consultation. 

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