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From cooking shows and magazines, to property listings and home remodeling ads, you will find the word ‘chef’s kitchen’ bandied around to attract the attention of viewers, readers, and potential clients. So what exactly is a chef’s kitchen? It’s a cook space that features the prepping, storage, and cookware requirements of a professional chef. Does that mean it will be extravagant or unnecessary to get one if you are not a professional chef? The answer is “no”, and there are several reasons for that. 

The kitchen remodeling experts at Bucks Country Cabinetry & Design explain why you may want to get a chef’s kitchen, even if you are not a professional chef. 

Key Features of a Chef’s Kitchen

Do you and your family members consider yourselves foodies? Do you like to experiment with new recipes and hone up your cooking skills? Do you crave for a communal space where you and your loved ones can prep or cook together at the same time? Essentially, if you love cooking gourmet meals or entertaining family and friends in your kitchen, a chef’s kitchen may be the perfect solution for you.

Although every chef’s kitchen is unique, here are some of the key features that distinguish such a kitchen from an ordinary kitchen:

  • Warming drawer to store the cooked dishes between servings.
  • Generous countertops, with at least one island for prepping, and other dedicated work spaces, such as a pastry station, beverage station and more.
  • At least two or more deep sinks for washing and rinsing. Many kitchens also feature a pot-filler near the stove to save you the effort of lugging large, heavy pots of water from the sink to the stove.
  • Multiple appliances, such as double ovens (convection and steam) for speedier cooking, two dishwashers for a steady supply of sparkling, clean dishes and cutlery, a sub-zero fridge and freezer with vacuum seal to keep food fresh longer.
  • Induction or high BTU gas cooktops with multiple burners for quick and efficient cooking, along with a high-end microwave.
  • Custom cabinetry with unique and personalized storage and superior finishes. 

A chef’s kitchen is all about elevated experiences. Quick and easy cleaning, tailor-made storage solutions, and the spacious open-floor plans for multiple people to cook, prep and mingle over delicious meals and baked goodies.

Quality Kitchen Makeovers by Experienced Bucks County Remodelers

Adding a chef’s kitchen is a fool-proof investment that will increase the value, appeal, and functionality of your home. However, it is also important to check if your home has the infrastructure and space to accommodate a chef-style kitchen. 

At Bucks County Cabinetry & Designs, we offer a complete suite of kitchen remodeling services to help you achieve the cook space of your dreams. Our kitchen renovation specialists will conduct a feasibility check and come up with creative plans for transforming your cook space into a chef’s kitchen. Our master craftsmen will skillfully execute the plans to perfection and deliver a spectacular kitchen, personalized to your family’s needs, lifestyle, and preferences.

For a stunning kitchen makeover, hire the experts at Bucks County Cabinetry & Design. Call 215-489-0851 to book a consultation or contact us online.

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