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If you regularly read real estate listings, you are likely to see a lot of promotions for “chef’s kitchen.” While there’s no formal definition of a chef’s kitchen, the term generally applies to home kitchens that are designed more like a professional kitchen to accommodate home cooks who want to elevate their meals and to entertain their guests while preparing food. Bucks County Cabinetry has a talented team of professionals who can take your kitchen space and transform it into a custom kitchen that suits your needs. Here’s our take on three important elements of a chef’s kitchen.

High-End Appliances and Equipment 

Professional kitchens have stoves that cook at a much hotter temperature than stoves designed for residential homes. High-end refrigerators are common in chef’s kitchens, often with deluxe features that help food stay fresh longer. You’ll find wider and deeper sinks in a chef’s kitchen, to allow room for larger pots and pans. You may even want to install two dishwashers to allow one set of dishes to wash while you can load the other with dishes as you go. Many chef’s kitchens have specialized appliances that you don’t often find in regular kitchens, such as warming drawers, a pizza oven, or wine cooler. 

Increased Storage Space 

Clutter is the bane of efficiency, so a chef’s kitchen needs plenty of storage. Ceiling racks allow pots and pans to be hung up, yet within easy reach. Adding more drawers and organizers for tools and gadgets gives you easy access but keeps your equipment safe when it’s not needed. The goal is to be safe and efficient while cooking in a space that fits your lifestyle. Our team custom designs your kitchen cabinets to utilize every bit of space efficiently. 

Open Floorplan with Plenty of Countertop Space   

Professional level cooking requires multiple stations that are easy to access. An open kitchen that is designed with an efficient layout makes cooking more fun and less stressful. Chef’s kitchens need plenty of high-quality countertop space for cooks to work and entertain. Some chef’s kitchens even have two islands to give all the chefs in the home a place to work. We work with your space to design a kitchen that meets your needs. 

Professional Kitchen Design from Bucks County Cabinetry & Design

A chef’s kitchen is an investment in your home and lifestyle. High-end kitchens increase the value of your home. You can learn new culinary skills and enjoy healthy meals at home. Design a custom kitchen that fits the feel and ambience you want in your kitchen. Bucks County Cabinetry can bring your dream kitchen to reality. 

Want to talk about a chef’s kitchen and custom cabinets that turn your kitchen into a professional culinary space? Contact us online  to schedule a consultation.

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