Drawer Pulls & Cabinet Handles Can Change the Look Dramatically

Custom cabinets are designed to be a statement piece in your home. The hardware you choose may feel like a small detail, but when you’ve spent time and money choosing exquisite cabinetry for your kitchen, the right hardware can make a big difference in your kitchen. 

5 Benefits of Custom Kitchen Hardware 

Kitchen hardware comes in many styles, colors, and sizes, giving you lots of options. Don’t leave the smallest details to chance in your kitchen. Here’s why you should spend time choosing custom drawer pulls and cabinet handles. 

  1. Designer hardware complements the kitchen. 
  2. You can personalize your kitchen with custom drawer pulls and cabinet handles. 
  3. Kitchen hardware isn’t only for aesthetics. The right door knobs and drawer handles make it easier to open and close the cabinets. 
  4. Well-designed kitchen hardware lasts to protect the cabinets as well. 
  5. Designer hardware adds value to the kitchen. It’s the small details that show you cared enough! 

Tips for Choosing Kitchen Hardware 

Kitchen hardware can be one of the finishing touches when decorating your kitchen. For modern kitchens, you may want a simple, straightforward look without visible knobs or handles. Ornate hardware can look more in place in a rustic or farmhouse style kitchen. If you have darker cabinets, the hardware will stand out more. Use dramatic accent pieces that pop without overwhelming the décor. You can also choose hardware that won’t compete with other elements in the kitchen. Handles should have a comfortable grip and smooth edges for easy use.  

Beautiful Custom Cabinets Make Your Kitchen More Functional 

Custom built-ins are on trend for kitchen renovations. Your custom cabinets offer more options for design and space in your kitchen. As part of your project, choose the hardware that fits your personality and style. Choose modern and sleek handles that match the sink. Be whimsical and choose unique hardware for your youthful side, cartoon characters, fruit-inspired designs, or colorful knobs. Take a traditional point of view by choosing art deco or crystal-clear knobs and handles. If you decide you want a change next year, swapping out drawer pulls and cabinet handles is a DIY project you can complete in an afternoon. 

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