Why Custom Cabinets Elevate Your Space

Unlike mass-produced, prefabricated out-of-the-box cabinet solutions, Bucks County Cabinetry and Design cabinets are constructed in our Doylestown PA facility to the precise specifications of our client’s stylistic choices. Our philosophical approach is that no two kitchen designs are – nor should they be – the same. We specialize in creating customized cabinets that will elevate your space and your home to levels of elegance that are befitting your unique style. We approach each client interaction as an opportunity to assist while focusing on principles that are central to our mission of stellar customer service. Learn why custom cabinets elevate your space:

Your home is uniquely yours.

  • We understand this important reality and our clients are treated as valued partners throughout the process as cabinets are envisioned, designed, constructed, and ultimately installed. Cabinets are the preeminent showpieces in your kitchen; therefore, when you work with our professional team to incorporate one-of-a-kind features into your cabinetry, your space will be elevated to new and distinguished levels that will endure for years to come.

Space utilization in your kitchen is enhanced.

  • Although often underestimated, the boundless available options related to space utilization that accompany custom cabinets provide opportunities to further elevate and differentiate your space. Your cabinets will be sized precisely to your space, needs and stylistic choices. For example, our designers and master craftsmen will work collaboratively with you to maximize shelving options, storage locations and unique options such as hiding places for those important but seldomly used appliances.

Length of the process is not an issue.

  • Our professional team members are on site in our modern and well-equipped Doylestown, PA facility. We have the highest quality master craftsmen, millwork equipment, and cabinetry supplies readily available so that your preferred timelines are not exceeded. Additionally, our “white glove” installation process will be scheduled at a time that is entirely convenient to you and your family.

Elevating spaces beyond the kitchen.

  • Although custom cabinets are typically associated with kitchen construction and renovation projects, Bucks County Cabinetry and Design is also the industry leader in assisting clients with enhancing and elevating spaces beyond the kitchen. We have found that many of our clients have tied together spaces throughout their homes with design ideas that first emanated from their kitchen projects. Some examples:
  1. Bathroom cabinetry that adds heightened levels of luxury and functionality
  2. Office spaces such as customized desks, built-in shelving units, and file cabinets
  3. Customized and high-end millwork products such as fireplace mantels, wainscot panels, exposed beams, and ceiling details (the list of possibilities is truly endless)
  4. Outdoor entertainment spaces that include fully equipped exterior kitchens, grill centers, pergolas, and entertainment centers with customized speaker systems – to name just a few.

Our experience (and our clients) tells us that custom cabinets truly elevate the homes within which they are installed. The team at Bucks County Cabinetry and Design is ready to work with you. Contact us to get the exciting process started!