Why Custom Bathroom Cabinets?

A bathroom remodel project is exciting in many ways. It increases the value of your home with improved designs and plush aesthetics. One can choose rare or unique options if they have a good budget and some spare time in hand. The bath renovation market size in North America is expected to reach $78 billion by 2027. This is mostly because homeowners are becoming experimental in trying out new concepts and products.

The average US home has 2-3 bathrooms. Studies found that one of the core reasons for renovating them in 2021 was the wish to personalize (25%) or recent inspiration to make a few changes (12%). Customizations truly change the look and feel of your bath along with boosting the functionality and charm. Cabinets, especially, can make a major difference without spending a lot. This article tells you why.

Extra Space

A tailor-made vanity can fit any bath and budget. Make the most of it to maximize space with unique textures and detailed lighting for the best experience. Consider floor-to-ceiling or large-scale cabinets to benefit from every inch of the room. You may store your grooming and hygiene essentials instead of keeping them displayed on shelves. It keeps your products well organized in different compartments to cut the urgent morning hassles. You may also choose from partial overlay, inset or full overlay.

Design Options

Found a few eye-catching ideas on Pinterest? Are you inspired by your neighbor’s washroom aesthetics? Or do you simply have a great design in mind? Work with a contractor who can turn your dreams into reality. They are experts in incorporating the exact or the closest style, materials, motifs, textures, and patterns. For instance, you may wish to add oak, veneers, plywood, or cherry wood which are economical options. Make sure it fits your existing décor to blend well for an excellent outcome.

Ideal Fit

There are fewer chances of a tight space or an underused space. This may not be the case for premade cabinets which may or may not fit all types of washrooms. Make sure to talk to your contractor for a more efficient and appealing result. It adds structure and elements and is a good way to increase the value of the bath or shower area.

Utilize the Wall Space

The walls have the potential to boost storage solutions.  A sizeable custom cabinet may be fixed accordingly which is ideal for small bathrooms. A large floating vanity can be mounted on the side of the wall ensuring a light and airy feel. They also provide a cozy space to store shower sandals or a waste basket. A hanging cabinet adds an ‘industrial flair’ and amps up a dull and boring bathroom. These are also the most popular designs in the market. Pick bright colors and interesting shapes for a refreshing change.

Make sure to pick only A-grade quality materials. This is because the bathroom has the highest moisture content in the entire home. A bathroom remodel project that includes cabinets is a fantastic investment and lets you enjoy a few additional years of utility and organization.