Custom High-End Cabinetry: “Experience” the Difference

Bucks County Cabinetry and Design, located and fully operated in Doylestown, PA, has a well-earned and respected reputation as a leader in the custom high-end cabinet industry. Overall our mission, our vision and our values are centered on producing superior elegant cabinetry for our valued clients. While there are many factors that separate us from other custom as well as stock cabinet manufacturers, the “customer experience” that we provide is certainly at the top of the list. In fact, as a valued client, your experience is truly taken to an entirely different level because you become a part of the team! Let’s explore the experiences that are available to you when you make the important decision to engage our company in your renovation or construction project.

Design Involvement

Firstly, our experts will help to guide the design process, but since it is your kitchen, bathroom, office, outdoor, etc. cabinetry, you are the true owner of the process. Our design team will appropriately, therefore, focus on your needs and visions, and portions of this part of the process will occur in your home, with you – or your proxy or design aficionado – fully involved. Additionally, you will be able to see and continuously modify your evolving cabinetry design via our computerized, high-quality mock-ups and drawings.

Select the Actual Materials

There are countless available material options from which to choose for your cabinetry. Your customer experience includes being able to personally select from a myriad of available, on-site options. Some examples:

  • How would you like to personally choose from numerous 200-year old barn-salvaged wood options for your cabinet doors?
  • Inlays, stainless steel edging, zinc metal tops, glass features and numerous other materials have already been resourced and are on-site and ready for you to consider and select. Interested in blending multiple materials/finishes within your project? The possibilities are endless, and our first-rate team will assist you every step of the way.
  • Distinguishing drawer pulls and cabinet hardware are available or can be crafted from wood, metal, or manufactured products that are already in-stock right here in our facility.

Bear Witness as Your Selected Materials are Transformed into Masterful, Timeless Cabinetry

At our location, our customers enjoy the option of watching our incredibly talented and unparalleled team take their material selections and utilize industry leading millwork and woodworking tools and machines in our amazing facility. Customers can also work with our experts as tints and color selections are adjusted until you determine that they are exactly what you had envisioned.

Other custom cabinet makers and stock cabinet manufacturers do not – and cannot – offer the level of involvement that Bucks County Cabinetry and Design provides to and insists upon for our customers. Ultimately, our focus on your ultimate satisfaction is predicated upon ensuring that you are involved in the process from start to finish to achieve results that you will be proud to showcase for many years to come. Contact us today to get the process started – you will love the “customer experience” we provide as, together, we custom build the finest cabinetry that can be produced – all right here in Doylestown, PA.