Maximizing A Small Space with Custom Wood Cabinetry

Space. Is there ever enough? Most homeowners have at least one space challenge that they struggle with and would like to resolve. Maximizing a small space can come with some common issues that can become sources of frustration. These can include: a lack of adequate kitchen storage space; cramped bathrooms; bedroom closets that never seem to have enough room for clothing and shoes; and a dire need for a desk or workspace to keep organized.  Attempting to resolve these challenges often becomes a frustrating endeavor. At Bucks County Cabinetry and Design, our team has a history of working collaboratively with clients to understand their needs, and to design alternatives to resolve their space challenges via custom built luxurious wood cabinetry solutions.  Overall, custom solutions to maximize space are truly endless.  Accordingly, in this month’s blog we are sharing some illustrations of just a few possibilities that can be accomplished to address space challenges in your home.

Let’s take look at some examples that can serve as possibilities for you to consider, or perhaps expand upon, to begin to transforming one or more of your space challenges.

An Office Anywhere!

maximizing small space 1

Need a workspace? This well-appointed, yet compact custom-built personal office can be designed, constructed, and installed in a bedroom, a kitchen, a basement – even at the end of a hallway.

Although the elaborate design provides the workspace, storage (look at all those drawers!), and elegance that serves your functional needs, it can be custom-built into your specific space – something that is not achievable with prefabricated, out of the box cabinetry.

Points of emphasis and interest:

  • Rich, multi-dimensional painted wood finish.

  • Thirteen custom-built drawers within easy reach.

  • Use of two large glass doors to accent the finish.

  • Custom-milled (fluted) column sections.

  • Upscale brushed nickel drawer pulls that add elegance.

  • Accent lighting at the desktop level and within the upper glass cabinets.

Elaborate Hidden Storage in Your Kitchen

A growing trend in the custom built kitchen design industry is to incorporate “behind the door” storage as a means to both conserve space and to declutter kitchen countertops. 

In this example, the custom-designed and milled cabinetry includes large doors that, when opened, reveal storage space galore!

Consider what can be “hidden away” until needed:

  • An appliance garage – this one includes a coffee station, toaster, and kitchen-aide mixer.

  • A slide-out counter that adds temporary space as you brew, toast or mix up a batch of pancakes.

  • Numerous rows of exposed shelving for spices, and pantry items.

  • Six drawers for additional out-of-the-way storage.

Is Your Primary or Jack-and-Jill Bathroom Undersized? No Problem!

customized bathroom cabinetry

Not all homes have spacious bathrooms.  Alternatively, custom designed wood cabinets enable you to maximize available space to arrive at a solution that can become a showpiece within your beautiful home. 

A custom wood design such as this enables two separate sinks and plenty of drawer and cabinet storage for multiple users – all within a compacted space.

Design elements of note:

  • Multi-dimensional cabinet fronts and marble countertops that mirror the unique linear lines of the finish.

  • Additional storage from a custom mounted cabinet that sits atop the counter – thereby adding an element of privacy between the users.

  • Crown molding and other accents within the cabinetry emphasize careful planning and a value placed upon elegance.

A narrow walk-in closet can be converted to fit all your clothes – and shoes!

The design team at Bucks County Cabinetry and Design, located in Doylestown, PA understands that closet space – or lack thereof – is one of a homeowner’s biggest challenges. 

We are ready to assist you with making any closet into a “space maximizer”, while also ensuring that luxury and high-end finishes are continuously and considered and incorporated.

Design elements of note:

  • High-end natural wood finish with classy metal drawer pulls.
  • Slide-out shelving for shoe storage.
  • Custom-milled drawer fronts that demonstrate an attention to quality.

The maximization of spaces in your home resulting from high-end custom designed and milled wood cabinetry has truly endless possibilities.  In addition to the projects included in this piece, Bucks County Custom Cabinetry is ready to assist you with implementing other space saving solutions. Whether it be for areas such as basements, garages, outdoor living spaces, attics and home theaters.  Check out our gallery of projects to gain a sense of the quality and elegance of our designs and craftsmanship.  Contact our team of professional designers in Doylestown, PA to get the process started!