Unleash Your Creativity with Custom Cabinets

Without question, the most appealing factor identified when opting to engage a custom cabinetry company is the ability to impact a kitchen, bathroom or other space with one’s individualized style, taste, and preferences. Prefabricated off-the-shelf cabinetry simply does not afford the ability to influence spaces in the same way or to the same degree as going the ‘custom’ route. At Bucks County Cabinetry, we take this reality to an entirely different level. We want – and we highly encourage – our valued clients to bring their unique design preferences to the table as we work collaboratively to create spaces that are truly one-of-a-kind and timeless. So read along and see how we can help build out your creativity with custom cabinets.

This blog details a few specific spaces and some of the exciting design elements that our clients have brought forward, and we designed and crafted in our Doylestown, PA facility. And as you will read and see, the opportunities to unleash creativity with custom designed cabinetry go far beyond the kitchen!

The Home Office

What used to be considered “nice to have”, a home office is now a necessity for many homeowners. A growing number of Americans are working remotely either full-time, or for a portion of their workweek. As a result, simply purchasing a desk and chair is no longer suitable; a true office environment within the home is becoming a requirement. One of our clients brought a concept and accompanying vision to our design team. Working together, the result is a stunningly beautiful and elegant home office.

The client’s creativity and desire for a combination of elegance and functionality are abundantly apparent.

From the tray ceiling and crown molding features to the custom cabinetry, desk, and bookshelves – all of which were milled and crafted by the Bucks County Cabinetry and Design team in Doylestown, PA.

The Ultimate Entertainment Center

With the growing popularity of big-screen television sets and home theaters, our clients do not want to settle for cabinetry that is mass produced and a poor fit for their needs. Working with our design team, the client’s creativity shines through with this custom wall cabinet that easily houses all components and includes an incredible amount of storage space.

The goal of this project was to surround the television within a high-end custom designed cabinet solution.

The result? A floor to ceiling sophisticated appearance that reflects an attention to detail that the homeowners and their guests will enjoy for years to come.

Features of note: luxurious drawer and cabinet hardware; accent lighting within the frosted glass upright cabinets and above the television; and customized rich wood details, including crown molding.

A Wine Connoisseur’s Paradise

Wine enthusiasts long for a space to accommodate their collections. As a result, at Bucks County Cabinetry and Design, we are seeing a growing number of clients who are seeking to add well-appointed wine storage spaces to their homes. Creativity with custom cabinets can be thought of for any room you desire.

A client with a passion for fine wine had a vision for a creative and luxurious wine cellar.

The final product is a conversion of a portion of the home’s basement to this breathtaking wine storage system.

Features of note: Horizontal storage for hundreds of bottles of the client’s finest wine; marble base upon which custom milled shelving is placed; an otherwise dark space (for the good of the wine!), can be illuminated as needed via under-counter lights and luxurious chandeliers.

A Pantry that Solves…Everything!

In a previous blog, we spoke about the desire of many of our clients to “declutter” their kitchen countertops. An additional challenge is to find enough space to store pantry items and rarely used, but important supplies and serving dishes.

The custom designed pantry was a byproduct of the Bucks County Cabinetry team listening and then working with a client who had a creative vision to resolve the age-old challenge of kitchen storage space. Tucked behind the kitchen was a highly functional and user-friendly pantry.

Features to note: We included a safe-to-use sliding ladder to access seldomly used items; such as fine China serving trays, shelving to store pantry items; and drawer space for added out of the way storage.

Elegance in Outdoor Living

The popularity of backyard barbecuing and smokers is at an unprecedented level, and it is commonplace for Bucks County Cabinetry and Design to have clients who want to add their unique design touches to create well-appointed and stylish outdoor kitchen space.

A client whose hobby is to host friends and family in the backyard asked us to bring his vision to reality.

The result is an outdoor kitchen with every detail included to enable enjoyable outdoor feasts!

Features of note: Custom cabinets with plenty of storage for all needed supplies; built in smoker, grill, and wine fridge; a sink; and plenty of counter space for prepping and serving.

We have so much more to show you! From breathtaking kitchens to spacious and luxurious bathrooms to unique spaces around the home, every design you will see in our gallery has been either driven entirely or has been heavily influenced by the incredible creativity that our client’s bring to the drafting table.  At Bucks County Cabinetry, we would have it no other way. Interested in seeing how to unleash your creativity with custom cabinets? Contact us today to get the process started!