Incorporating Sustainable, Reclaimed Wood into Custom Cabinetry

Conservation of the earth’s resources is an ongoing and critically important topic of conversation in contemporary society. With this in mind, the focus of this dialogue can be centered on issues such as water, fuel sources and even food. However, one of the topics often discussed concerns deforestation, which has corollary adverse impacts on the planet’s ability to reduce carbon.  At Bucks County Cabinetry and Design in Doylestown, PA, we have committed to doing our part to be good stewards of the earth’s resources. As such, we actively participate in eco-friendly procurement and utilization of reclaimed wood in many of our custom designed cabinets and millwork products. In fact, we are proud and honored to share this blog in which we will explore the primary source of reclaimed wood products, and how it is utilized in many of our custom designed and built projects.

What is the primary source of the reclaimed wood used by Bucks County Cabinetry and Design?

We are always on the look out for viable products that enhance re-use and recycling efforts of natural resources. As a result, the primary product that we purchase to bolster the world’s growing repurposing efforts is reclaimed wood that includes oak, pine, and chestnut. Each of these trees are indigenous to Bucks County, which means we are persevering to do our part in our own community to conserve resources.

Usually, most of the wood that we repurpose comes from barns, farmhouses and other buildings that were erected centuries ago, and have been deemed unsafe to inhabit due to their age. However, many of the components of those structures are reusable. We feel a deep responsibility to therefore procure, process and reproduce historically vintaged products for our valued clients.

At Bucks County Cabinetry and Design:

We value and honor the hard-working Americans who harvested the wood to construct their farm buildings so many years ago – some actually as far back as the 1700’s! This photo depicts how our team begins the process to use reclaimed wood. At the forefront of the photo, a barn beam is in the early stages of being prepared for its new home. In the background, activities are underway to mill the wood into decorative vaulted beams, cabinetry, and other custom pieces for clients

How is Bucks County Cabinetry and Design using reclaimed wood?

The rich history of the wood that we receive is acknowledged and honored by carefully maximizing the “yield” or the percentage of wood that becomes a new product for an appreciative and sustainability-conscientious client. Surprisingly, many clients express an interest in carrying forward the history of reclaimed wood by incorporating it into projects within their new homes or major renovations. Let’s review a few examples:

Bucks County Cabinetry Millwork

In our millwork facility in Doylestown, PA, a master craftsman is in the process of converting salvaged chestnut wood from an area farm building into custom cabinetry. In this example, the client placed a high value on having a part of the area’s history built into their new kitchen’s design.

Reclaimed Wood From a Farm

This beautiful custom kitchen cabinet was created from reclaimed wood from a farm in Pennsylvania. The team at Bucks County Custom Cabinetry converted oak planks and beams into a custom manufactured piece that honors the hard work and perseverance that went into harvesting the wood generations ago.

Rustic Kitchen Design

A client worked with the design team to create this stunning kitchen. The reclaimed oak and chestnut from local historic farms yielded the beams, table, and cabinetry to ensure that wood from existing forests would not be needed/used.

A Bar in a Barn!

Similarly, the same client who envisioned the rustic kitchen design above, worked with our design and millwork teams to create this masterpiece – a bar repurposed from historic farm building salvaged wood built into a modern barn. This is a first-rate example of combining historical and contemporary design elements to achieve an incredible outcome.

Overall, this blog detailed how and why Bucks County Cabinetry and Design obtains and repurposes historic wood from dilapidated and no longer usable farm dwellings. We are proud to contribute to our region’s conservation efforts to be eco-friendly, and we accept and acknowledge the responsibility to assist our clients with using reclaimed wood in their projects, while simultaneously honoring those who harvested the wood so many years ago.

Interested in this exciting topic? We would welcome the opportunity to tour you through our millwork facility to show you the complete process of using reclaimed wood in custom cabinetry products. Contact us to arrange your visit!