Affording Your Dream Kitchen Cabinets: Key Strategies to Consider

The kitchen is sometimes referred to as the “heartbeat” of the home. Another term whimsically used to describe the importance of the family kitchen is “command central.” These terms seem appropriate since, in addition to kitchens serving as the venue in which to prepare and eat meals, they also often serve as the hub for a significant number of familial memories, homework activities, and entertainment. It is logical, therefore; desiring to incorporate dream kitchen cabinets with a new kitchen design is both commonplace and of critical importance.

But kitchen renovations – particularly “dream kitchens” – can be very expensive. With today’s ever-growing price points for materials, supplies and construction costs, many homeowners have concerns about the affordability component of adding a dream kitchen to their home. This blog will consider and detail four specific questions and strategies that will assist you with successfully navigating through the sometimes-arduous affordability process. Let’s get started!

Determining the Budget for Your Dream Kitchen: How Much Does it Cost?

Without at least some semblance of budget parameters, the process of designing and executing your dream kitchen can fail before it even begins. Think carefully about what you can comfortably afford. Although you might decide to increase your budget as the exciting design and planning phases unfold, it is highly recommended to have a general budget threshold in mind as this exciting process begins.

Dream Kitchen Designs: What Should I Prioritize?

Perhaps you have always wanted quartz countertops or custom designed cabinetry. Maybe you desire to reconfigure the entire layout of your current kitchen to achieve either elegance or functionality – or both. To remain within your budget, however, it may be important to prioritize some of the components in ways that enable your most important preferences to be successfully incorporated. A few examples:

  • Countertops: Quartz is your dream, but there are less expensive granite and marble options that look incredible and function nearly as well. Take a detailed look at all countertop options before settling on a single plan.
  • Significant layout changes: You want to move the sink and/or dishwasher to a different location, but if your dream design can be modified to keep them in their current spaces, potentially expensive plumbing relocation costs can be averted.
  • Delay new appliance purchases: Can you live with your current refrigerator or dishwasher until a later date? If so, consider re-using them in your new design. This strategy might enable you to be able to spend more on custom cabinets or the Viking range you have always coveted. Then, at a later date, the older appliances can be replaced.
  • Reconstitute existing components of your existing kitchen: For example, is there an existing kitchen island that, if refurbished, resurfaced, and/or enlarged, could be incorporated into your new design? Do you have an old buffet or similar piece of furniture that can become a peninsula or island in your new design? The savings could be significant to the final dream kitchen cabinets budget.

Be a Smart Shopper

  • All the components of your dream kitchen do not necessarily need to be purchased at the same time. We have seen homeowners spend many months acquiring appliances, backsplash tile, countertops, and other supplies as they become available for sale. When it is time to install the new dream kitchen, patience can indeed be a virtue as it pertains to savings! Some things to consider:
  • Appliances from big-box stores are typically offered at steeply discounted prices during certain periods, such as holiday sales. (Additionally, always remember that there are numerous quality options out there; do not become focused on just one or two appliance brands/lines.)
  • Some smart shoppers repeatedly visit flooring and tile stores and outlets to not only see what products are on sale, but to also determine if there are products that are going to be discontinued and are therefore significantly discounted.
  • Building on the “shop around” theme, open-box items are often highly discounted. Look for important and sometimes overlooked items that can set your dream kitchen apart: drawer pulls, faucets, microwave ovens – the list of possibilities goes on and on

Work with an Experienced Kitchen Designer

A kitchen design professional can assist you not only with envisioning and then pursuing your dream kitchen, but they are also highly experienced in each of the strategies that have been discussed to this point in this blog. A reputable designer will meet you in your home and will utilize their extensive experience as your preferences are incorporated – while always remaining mindful of your important budgetary considerations. Furthermore, a first-rate designer can show you the evolving design of your dream kitchen via 3D software so that various finishes and touches can be explored and considered.

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Overall, the design team at Bucks County Cabinetry and Design has extensive experience working with clients whose projects have specific budget parameters. At the end of the process, the result will be a kitchen that is on budget and a dream come true!

Our gallery of projects provides examples of the quality and elegance our designers and craftsmen incorporate into your home. If you are interested in speaking to one of our professional designers, give us a call; we would be honored to assist you with designing, affording and ultimately occupying your dream kitchen.