Beach House Dreams: Custom Cabinetry for Your Coastal Retreat 

Whether it is a weekend getaway destination, a vacation property, or something utilized far more regularly, a coastal retreat is something many of us have placed onto our respective bucket lists. At Bucks County Cabinetry and Design, we have assisted numerous clients with making their “home away from home” kitchen just as elegant and well-appointed as their primary residence, but with the addition of coastal or beach-themed design elements. This blog will focus on the coastal kitchen and several options to consider that will make your beach house property truly extraordinary! 

It Starts with Quality Custom Cabinetry

Shaker Style Cabinets

Firstly, achieving the precise design you desire in your kitchen is greatly enhanced with the incorporation of custom designed and constructed cabinets that precisely match the available space footprint, and are built by master craftsmen in our Doylestown, PA facility.

Beadboard Pattern Cabinet

Overall, bead board patterns on cabinet doors are first-rate strategies for properties near to or on the coast. Furthermore, the use of durable materials and finishes in these custom cabinets ensures their longevity. In turn, this makes them a perfect choice for coastal homes where saltwater, humidity, and coastal weather conditions can pose challenges to traditional cabinetry. Let’s take a look at other options to consider as you design the perfect cabinets for your coastal property: 

Incorporate Glass Doors to Showcase the Nature of the Region

Glass Door Cabinets

The addition of glass doors to your custom cabinets provides an open feel to the kitchen, while also enabling you to provide continuous reminders about the rich outdoor elements of the geographic area in which your home is located.  

Perhaps your coastal getaway is on the east coast and there are seashells that have been collected during your beach-walks that can be prominently displayed in cabinets like these. Or maybe you are in a region where sea turtles are prevalent, making decorative glass or metal figures of turtle hatchlings a good choice.

There are No Limits to Color Choices

Coastal Cabinetry Colors

Our clients have selected colors ranging from whites and grays to splashy blue coastal colors for their cabinets. Additionally, some clients choose an accent piece to highlight a beach or coastal color design element, such as this aqua island example. The color choices truly are endless! 

Introduce Weathered or Distressed Wood Elements

Wooden Cabinets

An island or a wet bar can be constructed of wood that has been weathered or distressed naturally within the region of the coastal property. Our design team has samples of these kinds of wood products, or they can work with you to source wood that can then become an elegant and custom-built piece of which you can be proud. 

Make a Statement with Your Backsplash

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

We are seeing a lot of clients use the backsplash as a pallet to further the coastal décor of their kitchen. You can opt for a colorful tile accent or a beachy beadboard pattern. Of course, there are additional backsplash options – too numerous to share here – that can be used to complement your custom kitchen cabinets. The design team at Bucks County Cabinetry and Design can assist you. We welcome you to get an inside look at our Design Process to help you make the right decision.

Final Thoughts

Cabinet Hardware Matters! 

Door and drawer pulls are yet another element that provides an opportunity to further your beach or lakefront property’s kitchen design. Although the choices are too vast to share in this blog, suffice it to say that the range of hardware that can be added to your custom designed and built cabinets can range from traditional and elegant to coastal themed that includes options such as nautical, wildlife, and lighthouses to name just a few. 

This blog has identified several ways that custom designed and built kitchen cabinets can be incorporated into a coastal home. A subsidiary of Zaveta Custom Homes, Bucks County Cabinetry and Design is located in Doylestown PA. We are ready to work with you as you envision your coastal kitchen. Feel free to Contact us at your convenience to get the process started!