Transforming Your College Student’s Empty Room: Back-To-School Ideas

When your child eventually leaves home to pursue their college education, there’s no doubt that no matter how proud of them you are, part of you will miss having them at home. A big part of this feeling will be represented by your student’s now empty room, which is why many people choose to repurpose this space in their homes. The question is, what’s the best way to do this? In this post, we’ll explore some excellent interior design ideas for you to consider when it comes time to renovate or repurpose an empty room. Let’s dive right in.

Interior Design Ideas to Transform an Empty Room

When it comes to finding a new use for an empty room, your options will be virtually unlimited. Here’s a quick look at some interior design ideas to get you started.

Home Office/Library

Most of us have dreamed of owning a personal library or being able to work from home without interruption, and this might be the perfect opportunity. Installing a custom library or study can transform any room into a quiet, comfortable oasis for you with as little as the addition of some bookcases, desks, and chairs.

Wine Room

With more and more people recognizing the depth, variety, and sophistication of the various wines and spirits found worldwide, an increasing number of people are installing wet bars and wine rooms in their homes. Depending on how much you wish to impress your guests, you can make the decision to have luxury cabinetry installed in the room.

Game Room

Most of us have always wanted a game room of our own, but there never seems to be enough space. You can take this opportunity to repurpose the room into a game room where you can enjoy your favorite games and hobbies, including board games, pool, chess, and so on. With a specialty cabinet finish, you’ll have plenty of room to fit everything in neatly. You can also set up a custom entertainment center in there so you can keep up with all your favorite sports in peace and comfort.

Exercise Room

Another great way to put this extra space to use is to convert it into a home gym, where you can work out and keep trim. An exercise room can be particularly beneficial to people with college-age children, as this is usually when our health begins to show signs of weakness. Install some custom closets to store any free equipment, and you will have a space you will always be happy to go into.

Extra Storage

We could all use some extra space around the house. This is especially important for people living in apartments where there are no yards, sheds, and garages available. With a few changes made here and there, this room can drastically improve your space troubles. Put in new cabinets, cupboards, shelves, and so on to make it a storage space suitable for anything you wish to keep nearby.

Final Thoughts on Your Student’s Empty Room

At the end of the day, your decision should reflect whatever works best for you, whether you want it to help you pursue your hobbies, productivity, fitness, relaxation, or whatever else you might have in mind.

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