How to Renovate Old Cabinets: 2024 Expert Design Tips

Renovating old cabinets can have a major impact on the appearance of a kitchen or bathroom. If you have been considering taking this step, you may been wondering what the process involves for this type of construction. Sometimes, a homeowner wants to keep the original look of an older home. A custom design can provide this or you can elect to transform the space into a more modern appearance. At Bucks County Cabinetry, we have a 5 step process to renovate old cabinets. Here is the 5 step procedure we use at Bucks Cabinetry to transform your home:

old cabinet renovation tips. renovate old cabinets

Step One – Consultation

It is important to know the vision of the homeowner. Each space is different and every person has a certain style and goal. A designer will get to know your individual priorities and the expectations of what the finished room should represent to you and your family. A custom design can make a huge difference in making a space reflect your individual personality.

Step 2 – Design

The new cabinets should be practical as well as aesthetically pleasing to be a complete renovation. Doors, hardware, finishing, and style all play a part in the total appearance of the space. Accent lighting can have a large impact and adds interest, along with improving the working space of a kitchen. All these factors should be considered during the planning phase of the renovation. At Bucks Cabinetry, we use 3D renderings to accomplish this step. We are able to try different approaches to ensure you get what you are after and you can view each option before the beginning of construction.

Step 3 – Material Selection

Once the design is completed, it is time to choose materials. Today, there is an endless selection of materials that can be used for luxury cabinetry . This includes exotic veneers, metal accents, reclaimed hardwood, and even specialty glass. The finishing process takes place in-house at our facility making endless possibilities for design ideas. When you’re on the hunt to renovate old cabinets, you want to make sure you pick the materials that will last for years to come, yet still compliment your surrounding space.

Step 4 – Construction

Bucks Cabinetry uses a combination of time-honored techniques along with modern methods to ensure you get the style that matches your vision. Our on-site mill shop uses high-end materials and hardwoods to achieve this effect. Instead of using standard pre-made cabinets, we can pick your materials and hardware. The assembly is then done here.

Step 5 – Installation and Follow Through

We know your time is valuable. Minimizing the disruption to your schedule is high on our priority list. Assembly is done in advance whenever possible to limit the construction in your home. Our installers have experience doing renovations in finished homes and work carefully to protect your belongings. After completion, a full inspection is done to ensure you are satisfied with your new cabinets.

Stop by the design studio to see all the specialty items and finishes. Our staff will be happy to discuss your ideas and show you the options available. Browse through our website to get an idea of all the styles and finishes displayed in the design studio. You will also want to pick out the perfect hardware to accent your cabinets.

Ready To Renovate Old Cabinets?

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Overall, our friendly staff will be happy to answer all your questions concerning kitchen renovation or any of our services. Let’s work together to achieve your goal!