Designing Your Kitchen Prior to Building Allows for More Customization

When you start thinking about a kitchen renovation, you probably imagine the shiny new appliances, bright, clean colors, and stunning custom cabinets. While those elements are important to your final design, what’s really important is the functionality and performance of your space. Spending time considering how your workspace flows and works for your family is even more important than the finishing touches. Go ahead and create that mood board with your ideas but dig deep into the design process by answering these questions. 

How Do You Use Your Kitchen? – Of course, you cook in the kitchen, but think about whether you’re the family that sits down together every night or whether everyone fends for themselves. When you entertain, do you like to cook while everyone is talking and watching, or do you prefer to have your parties catered? Are you using your kitchen for school or office work? 

What’s Working or Not in Your Kitchen Right Now?  – We’re not talking about whether your appliances are operating correctly. Think about what you do like in your kitchen. Make a list of what you don’t like. These lists can help you prioritize your renovation, so it makes the most sense for your space. If you have enough pantry space, you know you can focus on other things as part of your kitchen remodel. 

What Are Your Dream Features in Your Kitchen?  – Dream big. Create a board with all the elements you’d love to have in your space. Prioritize those elements, from must-haves to “in my wildest dreams”. Maybe a wine cellar is your must-have while you’re willing to compromise on a granite countertop. When you talk to the professional kitchen design team about the realities of your space and your budget, you know where to put your money and how to use your space. 

What’s Your Design Style?  – Think about the rest of your home and how it’s designed. Consider your own tastes when designing your kitchen. Contemporary kitchens feel minimalist, less cluttered, and elegant with a light, open space. Rustic or farmhouse kitchens often use natural materials and can feel cozier than a modern kitchen. Choose the style of kitchen that fits into your home and with your personality. 

Get Started Designing Your Dream Kitchen 

With endless possibilities for your renovated kitchen, you want to work with professional designers who can take your vision and space to transform it into a beautiful room where your family and friends can gather. Your kitchen should fit your needs and lifestyle. Bucks County Cabinetry & Design has a team of experienced designers and craftsmen who can help you get started. 

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