Outdoor Living Space: Summer 2023 Must Haves 

Spring has sprung, and here comes summer! At Bucks County Cabinetry and Design, we are currently working with many of our clients whose attention has predictably turned to the outdoors. Our design team is tuned in to projects that can enhance enjoyment of the beautiful region in which we live and the natural wonders that occur around us during the warm weather months. In this blog, we will identify numerous projects that can make it truly difficult to come back inside during the summer season! Consider the vast possibilities to enhance and transform your outdoor living space with some of what we call the “must haves” for the 2023 summer season.  

Outdoor Kitchen Spaces

As we mentioned in a previous blog, the scope and quality of appliances for outdoor kitchens continues to evolve. In 2023, emerging trends to bring these spaces to new and unprecedented levels include options such as pizza ovens, smokers, wood pellet grills, sinks with cold and hot water faucets, and dishwashers. Through and through, our design team is ready to help you choose the appliances and layouts that perfectly match your unique space. All the while also incorporating custom designed, milled, and installed cabinetry that will add elegance and charm.  

2023 outdoor space

Custom Outdoor Cabinetry

Overall, choosing custom cabinets enables the incorporation of all your appliances, while also accommodating built-in kitchen islands, pantries and spaces for important features. This includes protected drawer storage and warming tray inlays.

The elegance and allure of your outdoor kitchen can be further enhanced by fully or partially covering the space to enable a comfortable environment rain or shine. 

Bar with Plenty of Seating 

  • For one thing, bars are no longer limited to the inside of the house! Add a television or sound system and enjoy spending quality time hosting your friends and family. 

Fireplace or Firepit

  • There’s nothing quite like the soothing and relaxing environment that’s created by having a small fire burning while family and friends lounge nearby. Of course, if you add roasting marshmallows and s’mores to the mix, you’re sure to create some enduring memories. Additionally, there is the benefit of enjoying the warmth that is generated by the fire. This way, your outdoor enjoyment can be prolonged beyond the spring and summer seasons. 

Outdoor Living Rooms

In 2023, we are seeing an increased demand for outdoor living rooms. Some of these spaces are even being outfitted with big screen televisions and outdoor sound systems which essentially enable the creation of the ultimate outdoor theater environment. Get your popcorn!

Gazebos and Pavilions

These outdoor structures provide opportunities to enjoy the outdoors regardless of weather conditions. Placing a gazebo or pavilion near a pool or hot tub, and adding vaulted ceiling, custom-milled pillars, ceiling fans, lighting, and electrical outlets only enhances the quality of the homeowner’s experience.

2023 outdoor spaces

Outdoor Millwork

An example of the design and millwork skills of Bucks County Cabinetry and Design in Doylestown, PA is illustrated in this pavilion.

Couples with a fireplace and television, it makes the space complete.

Outdoor Office Space

  • Although it pains us to talk about work while discussing outdoor “must haves”, we are noticing a trend to add small outdoor office workstations to larger projects. Incorporating such a space into an outdoor kitchen, living room, gazebo or pavilion is a custom design that we can easily add to your preferred project.

Hot tubs

  • Picture yourself and your family or close friends enjoying the massaging action of the circulating water. Need we say more?!

outdoor spaces 2023

Outdoor Lighting

Each of the “must have” projects we have discussed can be elegantly enhanced with professional-installed outdoor LED lighting accents. Lighting features can even be adjusted and programmed with timers or controlled remotely by your cell phone.

This design trend has been gaining momentum in recent years. Equally important in 2023, the technologies available in the lighting field have reached new heights.

In this blog, we have reviewed a list of must have outdoor living space trends. Each of which can enhance the elegance of personal and entertainment spaces beyond the walls of your home. With this in mind, our professional design team is ready to work with you in our facility in Doylestown, PA, or we can schedule a time to meet you at your home. 

You still have time to have your project completely designed and installed for the summer 2023 season.  Contact us to get this exciting process started! 

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