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Get the Most from Your Combined Laundry and Mudroom

Whether you have a large or small space, custom cabinetry can help you transform your laundry room into a multipurpose room. Adding benches and storage for shoes and outerwear gives you a bespoke solution that maximizes one of the most undervalued rooms in your home. 

Set up a consultation with the design and installation specialists at Bucks County Cabinetry & Design to learn how custom cabinets can help you reclaim wasted space. 

Planning a Combined Laundry and Mudroom

Using practicality as a guide, determine what you require from your transformed laundry and mudroom. Do you want to add special touches such as a desktop or pet wash? 

Here are some planning tips to get you started:

  • Build a desktop that can serve as a home office area – for those times when you really need the peace and quiet.
  • Add cheerful elements such as light colors and whimsical accents to make the room pleasant – why should it look like a “mud” room, after all?
  • Choose durable flooring that cleans up easily and can endure the extra foot and paw traffic. 
  • Go vertical to add cabinetry for versatile storage options.
  • Include a laundry sink with a pull-down handle to facilitate soaking and handwashing.
  • Add cabinetry directly above the washer and dryer for detergent and other laundry supplies.
  • Remember to reserve space to hang damp items or ‘delicates’ that can’t go in the dryer.
  • Conceal your ironing board as a pullout cabinet drawer or wall-mounted space saver.
  • Add pegs or hooks for outerwear and a rack or shelf for messy shoes and boots.

Custom Cabinetry for Rooms of all Shapes and Sizes

From gallery-style spaces to full rooms, laundry  and mudrooms come in all shapes and sizes. By working with our design associates, you set the perfect tone and get the most usage out of one of the busiest rooms in the house. 

Consider these style and function tips for your bespoke build: 

  • White cabinets with quartz countertops: Lighten up the area with bright colors and use high-quality materials to give this overlooked space upscale appeal. 
  • Make the most of limited space: If your laundry mudroom opens directly off an entryway, you may have a long, narrow space. You can add a built-in bench with shoe storage and convert to a stacked washing machine and dryer.
  • Combine traditional cabinets with open cubbies to hide the clutter and account for convenient shoe storage, respectively. 
  • Organize the area with deep pullout drawers or built-in laundry bins.
  • Include a long storage bench to store ball bats, skis, and other sporting equipment.
  • Don’t forget wide, multi-purpose countertops that can double as a folding space, a craft area, and an electronic charging station to keep your kitchen clutter-free. 
  • Include a pet bathing station to make it easy to clean off your dog after a fun but messy play date. 

Choose the Experts in Cabinetry and Home Renovations 

Bucks County Cabinetry & Design can help you remodel your laundry room with bespoke cabinetry. Our talented design professionals provide creative solutions to fulfill your goals for the space. Thoughtful customer service and highly experienced installers differentiate us from our competitors. We can also help you maximize storage and give a unique look to your kitchen and bathroom cabinets

Hire the friendly, customer-focused team at Bucks County Cabinetry & Design to organize and enhance any room with customized cabinetry. Call 215-489-0851 or contact us online for a no-obligation consultation.

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